Third Round of App Assessment Testing ongoing


November 20, 2023

WP3 is currently very busy testing the EU certification scheme. It is in the middle of Round 3 assessments, with 13 apps on board out of the 14 slots, and only one spot remains to be filled.

Led by ORCHA, WP3 is actively working on making improvements to the App Assessors Handbook based on the feedback received from both the assessors and the app manufacturers. WP3 is aiming to make the questions from the handbook as self-explanatory as possible. The aim is for the app manufacturers to understand from the handbook what is required to provide for each question and also for the app assessors to agree more and more on their answers. In the testing of the certification each app is assessed by two assessment organisations and where there are disagreements between the two, WP3 carry out discussions to understand their point of view on answering the question in a certain way. From round to round WP3 have noticed more consistency between the assessors and the aim is to increase that percentage by making improvements to the handbook based on the feedback received. The goal is to obtain the same results (or very similar ones) when the assessments are carried out from different parts of the world, by different assessment organisations.


WP3 has also been providing feedback to all 10 app manufacturers that participated in Rounds 1 and 2. It has organised two meetings with the app manufacturers to provide more information on the project overall, consistency between the answers provided by the app developers and the assessors in general and went through their questions. WP3 is also interested in the feedback from the app manufacturers on different topics, for example how to improve the handbook, the process overall, their challenges,  etc.


WP3 is in progress of gathering similar information for all Round 3 apps and preparing to provide similar feedback to them.

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