App Manufacturers

Label2Enable is testing the label certification scheme with 24 health apps. Find out more about some of the app manufacturers participating in the testing rounds!

Healthentia is a medical decision support software developed by INNOVATION SPRINT and intended to monitor, detect, offer virtual coaching services and generate automatic alerts regarding events, based on Real World Data gathered from patient taking part of clinical investigation, or those using it as a medical or wellbeing device.

Kwit is a mobile application that supports smoking cessation and maintenance. It is intended for active smokers who want to quit smoking and for weaned smokers who want to stay motivated in maintaining their cessation. For this purpose, Kwit offers several functionalities: a deep gamification layer, a preparation program for quitting smoking, a user forum, a chat with an expert for personalized follow-up, a toolbox in case of craving, nicotine replacement therapy follow-up, an emotion diary, etc.

TherapySelector is an app developed by TherapySelector B.V., in collaboration with physicians and scientists associated with universities and leading academic medical centers such as the Erasmus MC, LUMC and MUMC+.

The app enables physicians to easily and quickly choose a data-based, personalised treatment for and with their patient during consultation hours. The app shows an overview of all registered treatments for a patient profile and the corresponding information regarding effectiveness, adverse events, and cost. The data in the app has been authorised by specialists from Dutch scientific associations.

The results in the app are calculated using anonymous patient data from scientific studies such as published randomised controlled trials, other phase 2 & 3 studies and prospective real-life studies around the world (high quality research). Research groups and sponsors make their data available for this purpose.

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