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Label2Enable is testing the label certification scheme with 24 health apps. Find out more about some of the app manufacturers participating in the testing rounds!

eHealthPass is a state-of-the-art multifunctional data digitization and reuse platform. You can get in charge of your own data in an eHealth ecosystem that facilitates patient-doctor collaboration and fosters health data management. As a patient, you can unlock the value of your medical data while feeling safe, collaborating and connecting with doctors, by taking care of your beloved ones. As a doctor, you can monitor your patients online, expand your clientele, and increase productivity & efficiency.

Healthentia is a medical decision support software developed by INNOVATION SPRINT and intended to monitor, detect, offer virtual coaching services and generate automatic alerts regarding events, based on Real World Data gathered from patient taking part of clinical investigation, or those using it as a medical or wellbeing device.

Kwit is a mobile application that supports smoking cessation and maintenance. It is intended for active smokers who want to quit smoking and for weaned smokers who want to stay motivated in maintaining their cessation. For this purpose, Kwit offers several functionalities: a deep gamification layer, a preparation program for quitting smoking, a user forum, a chat with an expert for personalized follow-up, a toolbox in case of craving, nicotine replacement therapy follow-up, an emotion diary, etc.

Miles, your buddy on the go, is an app on a smartwatch for people with serious mental health conditions, who live as a client in a residential mental health facility. Miles provides clients remote care and customized safety. It also increases their freedom of movement, independence and self-confidence. Miles supports recovery-oriented care and prevents relapse after a client has gone missing. Caregivers have their own Miles app on their computer that functions in conjunction with the Miles app for clients. It is easy to use and offers caregivers more options for recovery-oriented care and step-by-step approach towards more freedom for their clients. Close relatives of the clients experience more peace of mind and better quality of life for their loved ones.

Miles is developed at the initiative of a family whose son/brother has a serious mental illness. This family have set up the foundation Stichting Bestaanskracht for this purpose. The foundation developed Miles in consultation with clients, relatives and mental health professionals, in collaboration with more than 200 socially involved people and organizations, and with financial support of ZonMw, Parnassia and the foundation.

Mindspa is an app developed by Mind Solutions Ltd, with the goal to make psychological support simple and affordable. Mindspa uses an evidence-based approach which includes CBT, Gestalt, EMDR therapy, positive psychology, clinical psychology, art therapy, mindfulness and meditation.

Mindspa has received ORCHA and DHAF accreditations, and has been featured among the top 5 mental health apps in 24 EU countries. It provides a large selection of digital therapeutics and support programs created by professional psychologists with years of experience, in areas such as love and relationships, self-esteem, anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, career and vocational goals, eating behaviour, PTSD, parents/child conflicts, and more.

Furthermore, the Mindspa app features a series of articles, a self-care diary, a vast list of coping exercises divided by emotions, and an AI chatbot

MoveUP is a Belgium founded digital care company. The digital platform facilitates and provides personalized remote care in the orthopedic, bariatric/obesity, cardiac, oncology, neurology and respiratory spaces. Patient’s progress is monitored using a mobile application and connected devices. Working on intelligent dashboards, moveUP’s own and affiliated multidisciplinary care teams collaborate with the hospital teams to provide continuity of care through the whole patient journey. This includes prehabilitation, enhanced recovery, rehabilitation, and changing lifestyles. moveUP applies value-based healthcare by measuring, predicting, and improving the quality of care with evidence-based protocols, while making patient pathways more transparent and cost effective. The patient benefits from support, clear information, a more personalised treatment and thereby is more motivated and empowered in their journey. 

Orla DTx is a Finnish Digital Therapeutics company based in Helsinki. Currently Orla has two digital remote monitoring solutions on the market, Orla INR Remote Monitoring and Orla PEF Remote Monitoring. Our remote monitoring solutions are used by most Finnish healthcare regions, and they have already enhanced the treatment pathway of thousands of patients and saved both time and money – and above all, led to better treatment results.

Orla INR Remote Monitoring enables better treatment results and improves the patients’ perceived quality of life. The healthcare professional has an immediate, 24/7 insight into the treatment, creating peace of mind for both healthcare professionals and patients. The patient has an electronic warfarin card with information about the medication, and the mobile app reminds the patient when it is time for the next measurement. The patient can take the measurements and adjust the dosage with confidence, as the patient knows that a healthcare professional remotely supervises the actions.

 Orla PEF Remote Monitoring improves the diagnostics of asthma patients and simplifies asthma controls by digitalizing the PEF measurements and data transmission. The mobile app used by the patient, connected to a modern PEF measurement device,  ensures that the measurements are done at the correct time, and that the quality of the measurements is sufficient for asthma diagnosis and control. This reduces the need for repeated PEF monitoring periods and saves time for clinicians, nurses, and patients.

Ornament is a mobile health and wellness app from Switzerland that helps you keep track of your health by analyzing your medical records. It looks at thousands of risk factors, hundreds of indicators, and morbidity statistics to create a detailed personal map of your body condition. Ornament analyzes your test results, lifestyle, and wearable data, and turns it into easy-to-understand graphs. This way, you can see the health status of each organ and the dynamics of biomarkers and vitamin labels. Ornament makes it easy and convenient to take care of your health.

Pharmi BV is leader in sustainable digital pharmaceutical care

Pharmi BV develops and supplies a SaaS healthcare platform, called MedicijnWijs / Medswise, which smartly informs drug users about and guides them in the proper use of medication.

Content from the MedicijnWijs / Medswise platform can also be transferred to a digital human application called Pharmi (a so-called conversational AI).

MedicijnWijs / Medswise facilitates pharmaceutical care providers to offer blended care to the patient(s): digital care where possible so that more time remains for human care, where necessary.

This makes pharmaceutical care more efficient, effective and sustainable.

SAM junior is a personalized app made for and by young people between the ages of 12 and 18 with an autism spectrum disorder. The app helps to gain more insight into experienced stress and how to deal with it. In addition, the app helps to see which things are going well or which are not going well. SAM junior can also help you prepare for future stressful events.

SAM junior calculates your stress level by asking a few short questions about what you did and how you felt about it 2, 3 or 4 times a day. SAM junior calculates your stress level, asks if it is correct, and if you are stressed SAM junior gives you personal tips to lower your stress. These tips depend on where you are. You can see the stress level in a daily or weekly schedule. In this way, SAM junior gives you insight into your own stress and helps you to deal with this stress.

TherapySelector is an app developed by TherapySelector B.V., in collaboration with physicians and scientists associated with universities and leading academic medical centers such as the Erasmus MC, LUMC and MUMC+.

The app enables physicians to easily and quickly choose a data-based, personalised treatment for and with their patient during consultation hours. The app shows an overview of all registered treatments for a patient profile and the corresponding information regarding effectiveness, adverse events, and cost. The data in the app has been authorised by specialists from Dutch scientific associations.

The results in the app are calculated using anonymous patient data from scientific studies such as published randomised controlled trials, other phase 2 & 3 studies and prospective real-life studies around the world (high quality research). Research groups and sponsors make their data available for this purpose.

Tired of Cancer is the company behind the Untire app, a self-management program aimed at cancer patients and survivors. The app helps patients learn to cope with fatigue and break the vicious cycle that maintains fatigue. The results can vary from person to person.

Fatigue is often accompanied by stress and feelings of gloom and anxiety. Understanding these themes helps patients better understand your fatigue. There are also tips, exercises and videos with explanations. This gives patients tools to deal with their energy level. They can choose what they want to work on and do it at their own pace. They also have the opportunity to share their progress with friends and fellow sufferers.

The app is a program based on theories and techniques from scientifically proven cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, positive psychology and movement interventions.

The Untire app is a proven effective digital treatment for cancer related fatigue. This was the result of an extensive RCT study carried out by the University of Groningen with 800 cancer patients and survivors in the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada, all of whom suffered from severe cancer related fatigue.

TreC Mamma is an app designed to follow the months of pregnancy and the first days of the child’s life. Developed thanks to TrentinoSalute4.0, the digital health competence center, by professionals of the Trento Province healthcare System (APSS), PAT (Autonomous Province of Trento) and FBK researchers, offers images, advice and content in Italian, English and French, validated by a multidisciplinary working group. Access security is guaranteed through SPID (public digital identity system) or CIE (electronic identity card), so women can view their follow-up appointments scheduled through the APSS CUP (Booking system) and be aware of all the local maternity support services.

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