Upcoming study on citizen's intention to download health apps


May 23, 2024

This final study is focused on citizens’ intention to download a health app from an app store based on their perception of the app’s quality.

In the study, participants viewed four apps, each accompanied by the star rating based on other users’ scores as well as the quality label’s rating for the app. These ratings were either relatively high or low, and could also contradict eachother. Half of the participants could see the full quality label, while the other half could only see the final score. This will allow for investigating how intention to download, along with other relevant variables, is affected by star ratings, the quality label scores, and by the way the label is presented.

An impressive 1106 number of participants took part in the study, recruited by a Dutch participant panel (Flycatcher). The study findings are now being analysed and will eventually be summarized and published in a scientific article. The findings will bear important implications for the usefulness and implementation of the quality label and will feed into WP5.

Study lead: Leiden University Medical Center

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