First insights from the Label2Enable healthcare professional survey


August 25, 2023

Are healthcare professionals willing to recommend high-quality health apps to their patients? Can the quality label increase their willingness?

The Label2Enable project, via its WP5, has recently conducted a survey to address these very questions. 

The survey consisted of six short stories describing different situations. In these stories, the healthcare professional would read about a particular patient and a type of app. Participants were asked for their willingness to recommend apps in these specific situations.

Half of the participants would have access to the quality label to judge app quality, while the other half wouldn’t. Besides, stories varied to describe patients from either low or high socioeconomic backgrounds and focused on different types of apps (prevention, self-management, or healthcare apps).

The survey was open for 10 weeks and a total of 118 responses were received. Healthcare professionals across the EU, EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland), and Ukraine were invited to take part in the study. Various healthcare professionals filled in the survey; from physicians to pharmacists, from young professionals to professionals with years of experience.

Currently, study findings are being summarised in a scientific article. Once ready, the article as well as the lay summary will be shared on the website.

A sneak peek at one of the main findings - healthcare professionals who had access to the quality label information were more willing to recommend apps than the professionals who didn’t have access.

Stay tuned for more as we aim to share the findings in the upcoming weeks.

The research team extends a big thank you to all healthcare professionals who took part in the study.

The survey was coordinated by Ieva Biliunaite from Leiden University Medical Center.

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