Second Survey to Healthcare Professionals


February 16, 2024

Label2enable partners at Leiden university Medical Centre (LUMC) just finished their second survey with healthcare professionals.

In this study, the researchers wanted to assess healthcare professionals’ intention to recommend health apps and investigate barriers and facilitators that might remain despite having the quality label available. The focus in this study was on symptom self-management focused health apps: apps aimed at preventing the development of certain health conditions (e.g., smoking cessation to prevent the development of lung diseases).

Recruitment for the study is now finished and the researchers are working on the data analysis.

Thanks to the collaboration with Fundación TIC Salud Social in Catalonia, close to 300 Catalan healthcare professionals took part in the study. It is widely known that healthcare professionals are very busy and that they have little time for participation in research studies, so we are very thankful that this many professionals participated.  

Even though the data analysis is still ongoing, researchers can already give away that they were able to identify several barriers as well as facilitators in relation to healthcare professionals’ intention to recommend prevention-focused apps.

After the data analyses is completed, the study findings will be summarized and published in a scientific article.

Keep an eye on further updates!

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