Revisit Fourth LabelRoundtable: Health Apps From a Health Authority Perspective


March 26, 2024

The Label2Enable held the fourth roundtable on health apps from a health authority perspective on 21 March 2024.

We discussed the assessment of health apps from a health authority perspective. The online event, mediated by Carola Schulz from empirica Communication and Technology Research, brought together more than 20 participants. The speakers were divided to address the following agenda:

Comparison of app assessment frameworks and country-specific requirements (Presented by Petra Hoogendoorn) - Leiden University Medical Center

Transforming Healthcare: A Journey Through Catalonia's Adoption of Health Apps (Presented by Carme PratdepĆ dua Bufill) - TIC Salut Social Foundation

Real Value of Patient-centered Positive Health Effects of Digital Medical Devices: Lessons from the German DiGA (Presented by Liyousew Borga) - Luxembourg Institute of Health

Challenges and recommendations for the reimbursement of health apps (Presented by Tatjana Prenda Trupec) - OptimIT / Croatia

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this event.

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