Label2Enable at Madeira Digital Transformation Week


July 05, 2024

On June 27, 2024, Label2Enable attended the "Madeira Digital Transformation" event.

Label2Enable participated in the "Madeira Digital Transformation Week," with representation by Carola Schulz from empirica Communication and Technology Research.

She addressed the topic of "Health App Labelling for Resilient Health Systems" during a session focusing on European projects that drive digitalisation and enhance the capacity of health systems to respond to emergencies. The session was chaired by Luís Lapão and featured contributions from Mariana Peyroteo, Susana Alves, and Matilde Santos.

Key insights highlighted the critical role of health apps as essential tools during crises, including telehealth solutions. Previous research conducted by Label2Enable revealed that 90% of respondents utilise health apps, underscoring their established integration within the health system, based on a survey of 1,228 participants.

The group also explored strategies to utilise lessons learned from emergency preparedness in other sectors, such as the Year 2000 issue.

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