Label2Enable at European EHR Exchange Format Expert Summit


December 15, 2023

On December 12th, Label2Enable participated in the European EHR Exchange Format Expert Summit in Brussels. Organized by the XpanDH Project and the European Commission, we were surrounded by brilliant professionals working towards better health access for all of us.

Label2Enable was highlighted by Fulvia Raffaelli, Head of Unit Digital Health DG SANTE, as a key project driving citizens' access to their health data. She also marked the importance of health and wellness app labelling, as defined in the EU Health Data Space regulation, as a critical element for advancing the digitalization of health and care.

Our coordinator, Petra Hoogendoorn, and various members from the consortium and user adviser group, actively participated in the conference. Their focus was on establishing a standardized format for the exchange of Electronic Health Record data.

We are honoured to receive recognition for our work in expanding labelling practices.

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