Label2Enable Academic Publications


June 24, 2024

Label2Enable is excited to announce the publication and planning of 14 academic articles on health app quality assessment.

These publications contribute to ongoing research and development in the field, providing valuable insights and methodologies.

We are pleased to share that three of fourteen articles are now available:

1.   What Makes a Quality Health App—Developing a Global Research-Based Health App Quality Assessment Framework for CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2: Delphi Study (2023) This article details the 5-step development process of the CEN-ISO 82304-2 health app assessment framework.

2.   Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Health App Assessments Among Healthcare Stakeholders: A Discrete Choice Experiment (2024) This article investigates the preferences and willingness to pay for health app assessments among various healthcare stakeholders.

3.   Standardised Assessment of Evidence Supporting the Adoption of Mobile Health Solutions: A Clinical Consensus Statement of the ESC Regulatory Affairs Committee (2024) This article discusses the standardised assessment of evidence that supports the adoption of mobile health solutions.

You can access these articles in the results section.

Stay tuned as we update our website with more publications as they become available.

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