First insights from the Label2Enable patient, citizen and carer survey

The Label2Enable patient citizen carer survey was open from December 2022 until February 2023. The survey explored whose recommendations about health apps European residents use and trust and if they think the government should rate and review health apps to help them choose.

A stunning 1228 fellow European citizens from 33 European countries responded. A scientific article is currently finalised, a process that can take a while. The article and a lay summary will be published on the website as soon as it is published.

What we can already share is that recommendations for health apps from the most trusted sources (health professionals and pharmacists) were used a lot less and less trusted sources (family and friends, app stores) a lot more than their trust levels suggested. In total 86.3% of the respondents thought that the government should review and rate health app quality or pay another organization to do so.

We will use these results to recommend health authorities to support the review and rating of apps, and app stores to include trusted information.

In our research with health professionals, we explore what support they need to confidently recommend health apps. We thank all the respondents for their time and responses!

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